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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to energy savings

Given the current degree of excessive energy consumption, the tourism industry, as any other sector, must commit to keeping the planet green. Colina Home Resort is fully committed. At our Resort we are aware of the importance of this non-renewable source in our daily life, and of the huge risk that lack of supply entails for everyone. Therefore, in our day to day activities we work to raise awareness both in our employees and our clients, and to promote the use of renewable energy sources.

We have progressively added a wide range of energy saving and efficiency products to our facilities, such as our thermosolar systems for Hot Water and recreational water heating (pools and whirlpools), the card-based Saving System with Mifare® technology to reduce electricity usage (fully integrated with our access control system, it disconnects all of the unnecessary circuits, such as HVAC, when the guests are not in the bungalow or when their door or windows are open), installation of movement sensors for lighting in the common areas and replacement of traditional light bulbs with LED technology.

We have also implemented certain steps to prevent energy wasting such as double glazing in windows and balconies, and other passive energy saving measures.

We promote the use of products and systems that care for the environment such as biological purification of the waste produced by the Resort, our ozone-based disinfection systems (that do not use any contaminating products) and the use of ecological and/or biodegradable cleaning products in our facilities.