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Mission, Vision And Values


These are the values that guide CHR's activity daily, both internally and externally:

Guidance for people: The company's main assets are people: our clients and our staff. Thanks to our staff’s performance we are able to offer our clients personalised service and a satisfactory experience. The challenge that our company thrives on is to fulfil this commitment.

Innovation: Our challenge is to anticipate our clients' current and future needs. In our company we are all responsible for listening to our clients, looking into possibilities for improvement, analysing and implementing market trends and our clients' lifestyle habits.

Environmental responsibility: As a responsible tourism company, we are committed to caring for the environment in our daily activities, products and services, minimising any negative impact on our surroundings and promoting a sustainable culture both internally and externally.

Business sense: We work consistently with the planned strategy to reach our business goals.

Economic and social development: Hotel and tourism activities are an important driving force for economic and social development. We are proud to be a part of the chain that generates wealth in our area, contributing to employment.

We have an active commitment to underprivileged social groups and we work with NGOs, Foundations and Associations in developing social programs.