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calpe accommodation

Cycling Experience

calpe accommodation


Enjoy the pool any time of year.

Our pool, with panoramic views and solarium, is available year round, as the water is heated in the winter months. We also care for your health and the environment, as the water is purified by completely natural means, without chemical agents.

calpe accommodation


Children are the stars

Our multi-language entertainment service will provide your children with a fun vacation: water activities, games, cookery lessons and children's play area.

calpe accommodation


Forget about driving during your holidays

Will we take you to the beach? Of course we will, with our free transfer service. Ask us about any other transportation option, and we will try to sort it out for you.

calpe accommodation


Available for all clients, at a low cost.

Pet Friendly services

Calpe accommodation with pool, animation and babysitting for children

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